At Eslight Worldwide Ltd. we focus on providing the best solutions that make it easier for customers to secure lighting solutions for commercial and industrial use that will benefit their business needs and while helping them to meet their cost savings and product performance objectives.

Traditionally, we have been associated with Induction and other energy saving lighting solutions, but over the last 10 years we have taken this experience and insight and applied it to other areas. We now have a wide range of solutions in LEDs, commercial and industrial lighting fixtures to help our customers move forward with the current trends and best industry standards.

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

We take a pragmatic approach to technology, harnessing it for the benefit it brings to our customers. As a result, we offer a choice of flexible and impressive wide array of energy lighting solutions to customers who can choose any of Eslight Worldwide Ltd.'s products to handle any of their business - customer needs, or all of them. We have recently added to our list of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures with UL Cul listed.

Today our products are classified into the following groups:

Please take a look through our product offerings and let us know if you have any needs we can help you with.