Eslight Worldwide Ltd. is the new breed of environment friendly companies that is breaking barriers in the fight against global warming by providing energy conservation solutions and products, which specializes in offering cost-effective results towards reducing lighting energy costs.

Eslight Worldwide Ltd. can implement cutting-edge and innovative measures for any commercial/industrial enterprise requiring:

  • a reduction in long-term lighting energy costs
  • a lighting framework installation that is brighter and more attractive than any competing technology
  • an upgrade to an existing lighting framework to significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • an increase in the longevity and reliability of the overall lighting infrastructure
  • an implementation of energy saving best practices that are becoming the industry standard for commercial/industrial utilities
To continuously improve the environmental landscape via long-term integral relationships and set "enviro-focused" goals which align with our products, customers, suppliers, employees and investors.

Eslight Worldwide Ltd. can help your business to implement energy-efficient lighting systems to reduce maintenance and per unit energy costs related to lighting, long-term.